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Life with Braces: Navigating Your Orthodontic Experience

Choosing to begin orthodontic treatment is a significant decision, and you deserve clarity every step of the way. This provides the information you need to confidently move through your orthodontic journey.

What to Expect...

Avoid with Braces:

  • Chewy, crunchy, sticky, hard foods, and those requiring biting.


Safe Foods:

  • Soft dairy, breads, grains, tender meats, seafood, certain vegetables and fruits, and soft treats.


Managing Discomfort:

  • Use saltwater rinses for soreness and wax for irritation.


Loose Teeth/Wires:

  • Normal for teeth to loosen; contact your orthodontist for any loose wires or bands.


Appliance Care:

  • Protect appliances to stay on track with treatment.



  • Use a mouthguard and check for damage after any incidents.

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