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Braces for Adults

Braces aren't just for kids – they're for everyone aiming to achieve a stunning smile. Embrace orthodontic treatment at any age; it's never too late to enhance your smile's beauty.

Why do we need braces.

Adult Orthodontic Care: Embracing a Timeless Smile

Gone are the days when orthodontic treatments were just for teenagers. As reported by the American Association of Orthodontists, a growing trend shows that 20% of orthodontic patients are over 21. Adults are increasingly opting for orthodontic procedures, recognizing the dual benefits of health and aesthetics. If you're an adult considering orthodontics, you're in good company.


Reasons Adults Consider Orthodontics:

  • Correcting a bad bite or malocclusion.

  • Addressing crowded or gapped teeth, which may lead to decay or gum disease.

  • Alleviating jaw pain or discomfort from misaligned teeth.

  • Aspiring for a healthier mouth and a more assured smile.


Orthodontic Options Tailored for Adults: Modern solutions mean metal braces aren't the only option. We offer a range of discreet and comfortable alternatives:

  • Transparent braces

  • Ceramic models

  • Self-ligating systems

  • Lingual braces (positioned behind the teeth)

  • Clear aligners

  • Traditional metal braces


Understanding Adult Orthodontics: Unlike children and teens, adults have non-growing jawbones, which may necessitate orthognathic surgery for alignment. Adults also face unique challenges such as increased risks of periodontal issues and wear or loss of teeth over time, which can be corrected through orthodontic care. Additionally, adults who had incomplete orthodontic treatments during their youth often seek to finish their journey to achieve the smile they've always wanted.


Our practice tailors care to the distinctive needs of adults, providing a respectful and understanding approach to ensure effective and convenient treatment.


Why Pursue Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult?

  • Healthier teeth: Proper alignment makes oral hygiene easier, potentially preventing broader health issues.

  • Increased confidence: A straight smile can significantly improve self-esteem.

  • Preventative care: Neglecting necessary orthodontic care can lead to more complex health issues and higher costs later.



Interested in the transformative power of adult orthodontics? Contact us to book an appointment. We value your busy schedule and strive to make your visits seamless and efficient.

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